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High HeelsMy name is Larry Archer, a teller of tall tales, primarily erotic in nature. In plain English, I write porn or smut stories for those times you feel like reading with one hand.

They are perfect for those times alone with your tablet, phone, or laptop and a box of Kleenex. I also blog on the world of swingers in case you’re interested. My Smut is great when the only strange stuff you’re getting is your left hand. Or it’s been so long since you’ve had sex that you can’t remember who gets tied up! Generally speaking, my stories are fairly graphic and not intended for those who are not of legal age or easily offended. If you are not a grownup (i.e. an Adult) or don’t enjoy reading about adult themed works, please leave now, otherwise I’m not responsible for anything you get splashed on your keyboard. Continue reading

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Seduced by the Dark Side – On Sale!

Seduced by the Dark Side - Cover200x300Seduced by the Dark Side is on sale this weekend for 99 cents (regularly $2.99).

“Seduced by the Dark Side” (58,000 Words) is a hard-core non-stop erotic romance about a small town farm girl from Minnesota who moves to Las Vegas to experience the wilder side of life. Ingrid’s education starts as soon as her plane lands in Las Vegas where she is picked up by Stormy, an exotic dancer, while trying to get her luggage. Accepting a ride from her new girlfriend, she finds out how much fun the back of a limo can be with a bunch of horny exotic dancers.


On her first day at work, her new boss, Crystal, catches her taking care of business, while she relives her experience from last night in the limo. Her boss, who is a MILF in expensive clothes, takes an immediate liking to her. While driving in her bosses new convertible, she meets a swinger couple, Foxy and Larry, on Las Vegas Boulevard, who invite them to a gentleman’s club that night for what promises to be an exciting evening.

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Newbie Tips for Swingers

tumblr_nswjoqAfeA1uuzblfo1_1280You Want To Do What To My Wife??

Below are several things for you to think about if you’re sticking your toe into the pond of alternate lifestyles, swinging, wife swapping, orgies, gang bangs, facial parties, or pulling a train.

Please excuse the fact that I often take a somewhat humorous slant on life, so forgive any of my inappropriate, insensitive, or stupid comments.

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What? My Wife Can’t be a Slut?

Butt300x206I’m reading the news and run across an article about what women shouldn’t wear as they get out of their 20’s. Surprise, everything I like is on the list of no-no’s. I find that if a women is not a 20’s something hottie, she shouldn’t wear Daisy Dukes, wife-beater t-shirts, Mini-skirts, stripper shoes, or “gasp” go braless.

“Well Fuck that!” I tell myself. While Wifey is slightly out of her 20’s, I’ll put her up against those young chica’s any day. At 5′-11″, she doesn’t normally need to wear stripper shoes, with the platform soles but loves the stilettos and usually towers over my 6 foot frame.

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Only in Vegas

Ride My Ass Bumper Sticker CroppedThis morning I was at a local fast food restaurant as Wifey doesn’t exist before 9 AM and that’s iffy at best.

Anyway, I was working on my latest smut story and drinking coffee when these three women came in for breakfast. Walking out I noticed that their car had a bumper sticker on it that made me think, Only in Vegas.🙂

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Last Day for Free & Half-Off Smut

Another Day in Paradise 200x300-72dpiI know that you’ve got to wait until the last day but it’s now here! Just like when you waited in line at the post office to file your tax return on April 15th, just before midnight, the wait is over and unlike the IRS this won’t hurt at all.

Unlike if you’re on your knees and my wife has on her thigh high leather boots, with the spike heels, and bustier then I’d suggest asking for a piece of leather to bite on because this might leave a mark. And remember to end every sentence with either “Yes, Mistress” or “Thank You Mistress, May I Have Another.” And for god’s sake remember to grovel and don’t look her in the eye without permission as a spike heel in the middle of your back will smart!

July is (was) sales month for SmashWords and it’s been a great month for me and other authors. But this is your final notice! Don’t you hate that when you get an envelope with FINAL NOTE stamped all over it, to make the mailman think you’re a dead beat but when you open it, it’s a sale flyer for carpet cleaning or some other crap.

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Kinky Literature

Richie and RandiAs a writer of smut, I’m always looking for avenues to peddle my wares. I’ve recently hooked up with with Richie and Randi of Kinky Literature, who have developed a novel method to push erotic literature.

Their site offers benefits to both readers and writers of erotic literature. Whatever turns your crank is probably available on their site.

Their “About” page reads as follows:

Introduction: Welcome to Pornsurfer Reports and Kinky Literature. We are a FREE site reporting on adult content pay sites and adult content erotic literature.

Mission: To match lovers of graphic content with sizzling porn pay sites and sizzling adult content kinky writing.

What we do: We introduce, showcase, and promote adult content; both visual and literary.

What we don’t do: We don’t charge the public nor do we recommend nor push anything over another and we don’t sell any products. We just report for the public’s benefit.

Who we are: We’re Richie and Randi. And in the adult industry we’re known as “Mr. and Mrs. YouPorn”. That’s because we were part of a group that founded the most famous of all porn sites; YouPorn.com. Richie is also the author of TaXXXi Tales; a steamy novel about late night cab driving in San Francisco. We developed Pornsurfer Reports and Kinky Literature for the public to Know, Go, and Enjoy graphic adult content.

For authors of erotica, they offer free listing of your Amazon and SmashWords eBooks by following this link. If you buy a book from one of their listings, they get receive a “finders fee” from Amazon or SmashWords. So for an author, this is a great way to increase your exposure by listing your Amazon or SmashWords books for sale, without spending a bunch of loot.

If you’re interested, they offer reasonable advertising rates on their site ( KinkyLiterature.com).

On a personal note, I’ve found the Richie and Randi are great to work with and I’m listing my books on their site. They are an open and understanding couple to the porn business and I know that you’ll feel right at home with them. To email them:  kinkyliterature@gmail.com.

If you need advertising and/or artwork help, give them a holler. They put together a cool trailer for me that you can check out at the link for one of my stories “Cuckolding: My Wife is a Porn Star”.

So if you are a reader or writer of erotic literature, give Richie and Randi a shot!

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Braless Is It Right For You?

0031-Scan137 cropI admit it’s not the 60’s but have you thought about letting the girls come out to play? When I met Wifey, one of her constant complaints was she hated to wear a bra and didn’t like how they felt.

So I told her, there is a simple solution to your problem. Just leave that bra in the dresser drawer. Plus I love the way girls look braless.

Nowadays, it seems all the rage to have your bra hanging out, straps and all. Am I ever glad that she’s never bought into that look.

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